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Design - production - Illustration: Case Cards, Sell Sheets, Displays, Shelf Talkers, Bottle Neckers, Photography, Printing and more.

Frederick Wildman and Sons is dedicated to sourcing, distributing and marketing the world’s finest wines and spirits to provide profit to our partner suppliers and distributors


Wildman Casecards

We Created many Casecards. But there were more aspects to these case cards than just designing and printing, it also entailed distribution, developing new production and shipping methods and sourcing many unique items.

One such case card required us to find a distributor of specific type of stones that showed the type of soil the grapes are grown in. Educating the consumer that the worse the soil is, the more the grape concentrated its flavor. We then had to find a way to best adhere the stones to the case card - sourcing that adhesive distributor also. Another aspect was to figure out the safest way to package the casecards for distribution to their warehouse without the heavy stones from being knocked off. We successfully quarterbacked the printer, fulfillment house, stone distributer, adhesive company, and warehouse and achieved a cost effective promotional item delivered within the allotted time.

Another casecard went the same way, except this time it was an expensive wine key and attachment method.

Floor Displays

Wildman floor displays

Shelf Talkers

Wildman Shelf Talkers

Campaign Design Supporting Varietals

Jindalee Wine Campaign

Varietal Sellsheets

Ritters Build your Own Cake and Pie Poster
Broquel Wine Sell Sheets

Sales Incentive Sellsheets

Sales Incentive Sellsheets

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