Ritters Marketing

Ritter's Frozen Custard

Promotion and Fulfillment - Posters, Menus, Brocures, Photography, Printing and more.

Ritter's Froxen Custard - A chain of Frozen Custard Stores in the mid west, Florida and Texas. It's said once you've had Ritter's Frozen Custard all other brands pale in comparison, just as other agencies pale in comparison to the creativity and service of Mellen & Jayne. I've had store managers tell me once they put up a Cake of the Month poster sales went from two cakes a month to selling out of the product within a week.

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Magazine and Newspaper Ads

Ritter's LTO Promotions
Ritter's LTO Promotions

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Menu Design and Trade Dress

Ritters Store Exterior
Ritter's Menu Boards for Store Ext.

Idesigned and produced the store front menus and drive though menus incorporating a separate 3-D item such as an ice cream cone or sundae that extends past the borders of the bottom menu panel.

I also created each window frame border with headlines and contour cut product showcasing categories of product - Cakes & Pies, Italian Ices. Over each order window is a Flavor of the Day board with interchangeable slats of the many flavors which can be easily swapped in and out.

Store Front Trade Dress

Trifold Take One Menus

Ritter's Trifold "Take One" Menu

Cake Brochure

Ritter's Cake Brochure


Photomanipulation - Creating a Sundae

Iwas asked to create a Pineapple Upsidown Sundae which didn't exist at the time we started marketing. Using PhotoShop I started with Photo of vanilla custard in a cup and used pieces of another Sundae, With hours of painting and blending I was successful in creating the finished likeness of todays finished product.

Instructional Poster- How to create your customized Cake or Pie

Ritters Build your Own Cake and Pie Poster

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