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Single, Full Color Cutom T-shirts Become Holiday Gifts

Arthur Treachers

Going on Vacation

My Heart Belongs to Butcher

NYC Soccer Academy Logo

Eat Sleep Pharmacy. Repeat.

As years pass, it becomes harder and harder (for most of us) to choose holiday gifts for everyone — customers, vendors, friends and family — that are unique but also personal. Gifts that show thought but aren't too "intimate" for some recipients and yet not too "cold," either.

Knowing that mellen & jayne has the capability to producing as few as one beautiful, full color t-shirt, a client approached us with a request to design 4 shirts for his family stating "We're Going to Disneyworld!" These would be presented as gifts to open, and then worn on the trip as well.

Telling the story of this customer's creative concept to others sparked a slew of holiday gift item requests ranging from t shirts depicting unusual occupations night shirts featuring more personal art, and clever corporate gear for select groups of recipients.

Of course mellen & jayne continues to produce full color t-shirts, sweat pants, tank tops, etc., in any quantity -- as low as one and as high as thousands -- and we're happy to now add these custom gift items to the long list of products and services we provide.

All of our clothing items feature:

  • Vibrant and durable colors
  • Beautiful high res photographic images
  • The ability to print any color — including white! — on dark shirts

and are:

  • Machine washable
  • Produced with green technology and eco-friendly ink

Working to get a new charity off the ground is not an easy task and when you have events that require branding your charity on a shirt it can be very daunting. Lucky for me, I chose Mellen & Jayne to help me with the creative process.

When you sit down with bright creative people who "get it" great things are bound to happen. We have generated beautiful shirts with a logo that is unforgettable. No matter what color scheme I ask for, this talented agency creates an amazing, colorful representation of our charity on shirts, signs or banners.

No aspect of design is too small for them to put their special spin on it and make magic. I am always delighted with the results and whether I am handing out twenty specially crafted shirts for staff or three thousand plus techno shirts for runners at my charity event everyone who receives one wears it proudly, happily and often!"

– David Goldwasser
The Marisa Fund