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We Love A Dog Day Afternoon at Mellen & Jayne

Pudgies Famous Chicken

Bark is Back at Bear Mountain! In May of 2012 The American Cancer Society's Hudson Valley Bark for Life event celebrated its 20th anniversary, and for the first 18 of those 20 years it had been successfully held at Bear Mountain State Park.

For reasons that are best saved for another time and place, the event moved to a different venue for the past two year, and while the usage of the location was much appreciated, it simply wasn't the same. Attendance fell off dramatically and consequently so did funds raised for ACS.

As volunteers and members of this ACS committee, the owners of mellen & jayne were in complete agreement with the rest of the team when it was proposed that we overcome the obstacles had been in our way and move Bark back to Bear Mountain. Happily, this has been achieved and the 2013 Bark for Life will move back to its original home.

ACS Bark for Life

This year the event will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2013. If you own a dog or love dogs this is not a day to be missed! In addition to a walk around Hessian Lake, costume and dog trick contests, games, shows, prizes and shopping, there are DOGS! All kinds, all friendly, all having a great time!

If you've joined us in the past then you'll be thrilled to return to Bear Mountain with us this year! If you and/or your dog have never been to Bark, get ready to have a great day together and come play with us on the mountain!

At right you can watch the national video promoting Bark

and you can register to attend the event by clicking HERE.

Bark for Life events are held throughout the United States. Visit www. cancer.org to find one near you.